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We develop bespoke workflow management solutions that help businesses, charities and startups streamline their processes, improve communication and increase effeciency. So if you need a powerful workflow software system to transform your business and reduce time-to-market for your products and services, talk to Kent's leading software development company about your requirements.

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Workflow Management Software Solutions


We can develop bespoke workflow management software that works seamlessly with your current systems.


Our workflow solutions help businesses automate their processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Snapwire helps people work better together by developing intuitive software systems that empower true collaboration.

Find out how our workflow management solutions can transform your business.

Workflow system integration

Workflow System Integration

As your business grows, you are likely to rely on an ever increasing number of different software systems to help you manage your business. Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), project management tools and accounting systems are all likely to play a part in running your business, and we can help you connect them to create a truly seamless workflow solution.

From single sign-on to data capture and distribution, we have the software development expertise to integrate your workflow systems, connect your employees and create a beautiful co-working experience for everyone. We can help you consolidate the information that is spread out between your CRM, email marketing platform and eCommerce system and help you bridge the data gap and synchronise your business growth.

Automated tasks on computer screen

Task Automation

There is always room for improvement in the way in which every organisation works, and Snapwire have the workflow automation expertise to make it happen. Maybe there are too many steps in your document approval process? Maybe too many tasks within your business have to be performed manually? However you work, we can help you work smarter.

We develop bespoke software automation tools that transform slow, error-prone manual tasks into powerful and accurate digital workflows that do all the work for you. We can help clear costly IT bottlenecks and backlogs, speed-up data-driven decision making, create mobile apps that work seamlessley across devices, develop bespoke workflow automation systems and so much more.

Software development team collaborating on project

Communication & Collaboration

Our intranet software solutions and communication tools provide organisations with a secure and flexible workspace that enables their employees to create, manage and distribute information; streamline internal business processes and collaborate with colleagues on internal and external projects.

Our software engineers have been helping organisations empower their employees for almost a decade. We have designed, developed and deployed workflow and communication tools for many different types of businesses across a wide range of sectors, including finance, education and healthcare. So if you want your team to work better together, Snapwire can help you achieve your goal.

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